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Our novelty cakes and cakes for any occasion are designed to give that wow factor to your special day! These are hand sculpted, carved cakes creating edible artworks designed just for you and your occasion. Each cake is finished to the highest standards.


With these type of novelty cakes we  take your cake and shape it into the shape of the main part of your design. This is then covered with crumb coat of butter cream or chocolate ganache and an outer covering of fondant.

These are the most difficult of the novelty cakes and take a lot of skill to create. Due to this they do tend to be more expensive but saying this they will give the best reaction and wow every one at your oiccasion or event as a lot of people can't believe this is cake.

These are usually more of a mid price sort of cake as there is not as much major sculpture work.

We will use the basic original shape of the cake (square or round) and build the design on top of this. Because of this the other elements of the cake tend to be smaller sculpted pieces from sugar or chocolate that more often than not create a scene using the cake as its foundation.

With our 3-D releif cakes we use the basic cake shape the same as the topped cakes but create a flattened 3-d image of the design that is created on the top of the cake from sugar and chocolate.

This in some cases can be a slightly cheaper option from the topped cakes as there is no structure or supports needed but can sometimes hold just as much sculpture work as the design will tend to cover the cake.


Novelty Cakes

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